Base (Elegant Form)Edit



In Dragon Ball Heroes Dodoria survives three hits from a Super Saiyan without much damage, he would need to be 75x stronger than his first appearance to survive that. Since Vegeta was able to dish out Dodoria relatively quickly, and couldn't defeat Zarbon afterward until he gained a Zenkai from his fight with him, only after that was Vegeta finally able to beat and kill him. This would imply that Zarbon is most likely stronger than Dodoria, and as such, would have a higher Power Level.

Monster Form (Super Zarbon)Edit

Monster zarbon


1.4x Base

Was able to completely dominate Vegeta and beat him to near death, but was no match for him after he gained a Zenkai from his fight with Zarbon's Monster Form and was able to beat and kill him.

Time Breaker MonsterEdit

Time Breaker monster zarbon


He was the third weakest of the Time Breaker PTO members

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