• Great Ape: 10x Base
  • Great Ape power: 10x Base
  • False Super Saiyan: 25x Base
  • Super Saiyan power: 25x Base
  • Super Saiyan: 50x Base
  • Full-Power Super Saiyan: 50x Base
  • 2nd Grade Super Saiyan: 75x Base
  • Super Saiyan 2: 100x Base
  • 3rd Grade Super Saiyan: 150x Base
  • Legendary Super Saiyan: 150x Base[1]
  • Legendary Super Saiyan 2: 300x Base
  • Super Saiyan 3: 400x Base
  • Golden Great Ape: 500x Base
  • Super Saiyan 4: 500x Base
  • Full Power Super Saiyan 3 (Super Saiyan 3 using Power up to the Very Limit): 1,200x Base
  • Legendary Super Saiyan 3: 1,200x Base
  • Legendary Super Saiyan 4: 1,500x Base
  • Master Super Saiyan: 2,500x Base
  • Full Power Legendary Super Saiyan 3: 3,600x Base
  • Full Potential Super Saiyan 4: 4,000x Base
  • Full Potential Legendary Super Saiyan 4: 12,000x Base
  • Super Saiyan God: 50,000,000x Base (regular Saiyan) or 7,200x Base (God-power Saiyan)


  • Demon Clan Weighted Clothing: Base divided by 1.33
  • Great Namek: *Varies based on size
    • Regular Namek / Super-Namek: 1.1x Base (slight height increase) 1.2x Base (large height increase) 1.3x Base (maximum height increase)
    • Super Namek: 3x Base
  • Super-Namek: 22x Base
  • Super Namek: 100x Base
  • Super Namek - Full Potential: 6,100x Base
  • Dark Warrior Power Up: 50x Base

Frieza's raceEdit

  • First Form: Full Power divided by 226 (*Full Power divided by 283 for anime Frieza)
  • Second Form: 2x First Form
  • Third Form: 2x Second Form
  • True Form: Base
  • Half Power: 50x Base
  • Full Power: 100x Base
  • Fifth Form: 300x Base
  • Full Power Fifth Form: 600x Base


  • Perfect: Full Power Perfect divided by 50
  • Full Power Perfect: 50x Perfect
  • Power-Weighted Perfect: 4x Full Power Perfect
  • Super Perfect: 2x Full Power Perfect

Other FormsEdit

  • Giant Form: *Varies
  • Super Makyan: 1.5x Base
  • Zarbon's race Monster Form: 1.3x Elegant Form
  • Race of Hera Full Power: 1.3x Base
  • Super Neko Majin: 50x Base

Power UpsEdit

  • Kaio-ken: 1.5x Base to 100x Base
  • Fruit of the Tree of Might: 16x Base (with every Fruit)
  • White Aura Power Up[2]: 2x Base
  • Inexperienced Power Up: 1.5x Base
  • Super Kaio-ken: 200x Base
  • Long-awaited for 100%: 1.3x Base
  • Evil Form: 5x Base
  • Majin Enslavement
    • Majin: 1.11x Base
    • King of Destruction: 3x Base


  • Fusion Dance: Average of two characters power levels, multipied by varying number.
    • Examples:
      • Goten and Trunks: 60x Power level average
      • Goku and Vegeta: 200x Power level average
      • Tien and Yamcha: 167x Power level average
  • Merge: *Varies
    • Examples:
      • Pilaf Machines: Power levels added
      • Rasin and Lakasei: Higher power + difference between higher power level and lower power level
      • Abo and Kado: Power levels added, then multiplied by 25

Potential UnlockEdit

  • Unlocked Potential (Human): 40x Base
  • Old Kai's Potential Unlock: *Varies

Sources and referencesEdit

  1. The Super Saiyan section of the Trunks anime comics states that LSS is similar to 3GSS but with ultra-first class speed, suggestin they yield the same power boost
  2. Utilised by Tien and Yamcha several times
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