For the Pure Canon power levels, see Manga power levels, which are Manga and other main Toriyama material based. Most pages use the Daizenshuus multipliers and facts. Different power level sets:

  • "Canon" - This lol to power levels of "canon" material (using the Daizenshuu multipliers), that is the manga and anything meant as a prequel or continuation to it.
  • Anime - This refers to the power levels in the anime (including Filler, movies, certain video games, and Dragon Ball GT)
  • All-Media - This refers to an attempt at fitting all forms of Dragon Ball media into a single timeline (which is impossible), the manga, anime, movies, video games. Everything other than what-ifs. It tries to make the power levels balance out.
  • What-ifs - Things which are what-if scenarios.

There is a Timeline which shows which shows which materials apply to each of the three different canons. There is a References to character's power page to list all references/feats.

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