First FormEdit

Chilled 1st Form


Chilled was able to easily beat base form Bardock, who had a power of 20,000 but was completely no match for Super Bardock, who's Power Level was at 1,000,000. His Supernova could hold its own, but could not reflect Super Bardock's Rebellion Trigger. On the other hand, Frieza's Supernova could take Bardock's Final Spirit Canon without any damage, send Bardock back in time, kill almost the entire Saiyan race, and destroy Planet Vegeta. This would heavily imply that Chilled's Power Level is most likely below Frieza's 530,000.

True FormEdit



While Chilled never uses this form it has to exist considering the fact that it is his race's true form. However since he is never seen using a third form, we must presume that his power is less than double Second form so the highest multiplier he can have is 1.9x first form.

50% Half PowerEdit


50x Base,Nearly all members of Frieza's race are able to multiply their power levels 100x stronger to maximum power Chilled is most likely able to also.

100% Full PowerEdit


100x Base

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